Henry Grimm is the father of Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, the brother of Jake Grimm, and the son of Basil and Relda Grimm. As kids he and his borhter set Goldilocks, an everafter whom Henry was in love with at the time, free from Feiryport Landing. The incident also released a Jabberwocky from the Feiryport Landing Asylum, which Basil got into a fight with, resulting in his death. Just before Sabrina was born, Henry and Veronica, his wife, moved to New York City, not far from Feiryport Landing. He said he didn't want his daughters to know about or be envolved with everafters. He and Veronica were kidnapped by the Scarlet Hand when Sabrina was 10 and Daphne was 5, and were put into an enchanted sleep. They remained in that sleep for two years until they were awoken with the help of Goldilocks in book 7.