Snow White is a beateous Everafter and a good friend of the Grimm family.

Relationships Edit

The Grimm Family Edit

  Snow White has been a good friend of the Grimm family for centuries, and has defended them whenever any Everafter gives them trouble. She has helped Granny Relda on many cases, and taught Daphne karate while Sabrina was in the hospital. She gave Granny Relda the cold shoulder after she found Charming and her wicked stepmother at Sabrina's birthday party, but forgave her when Puck and the girls rescued her from Bluebeard.

Mayor Charming Edit

  Snow White has been the first love of Prince Charming, ever since he broke the Wicked Queen's curse with his kiss. They hadn't talked for centuries when Snow White abandoned him at the altar, but are currently having an on-and-off relationship. She

The Books Edit

The Fairytale Detectives Edit

Snow White is introduced to the series in the first book as a second-grade teacher. Due to her lovely pale complexion, every boy in her class is in love with her. They shower her with apples, but she tosses them into the garbage can when they leave.

The Unusual Suspects Edit

  Snow White's first prior appearence in the series is when the sisters are enrolled into Ferryport Landing

The Problem Child Edit

Snow White's role diminishes, yet she still appears at the school dedication and the mayoral election. She defies the Queen of Hearts and the Sherrif of Nottingham, but only when Charming defends her when Nottingham calls her a trollop and kisses her do they realize they are in love.

Magic and other Misdemanor Edit

The fair maiden starts going dillusional when her true love is sucked into a time tear by Cinderella's husband Tom. She often breaks into tears and freaks out whenever his other ex-wives are in the same room as her, but is comforted by the other princesses, and the Sisters Grimm. She finally loses friendship with Granny Relda completley when she discovers her stepmother and husband-to-be safe and sound in their house.

Tales From the Hood Edit

Snow White is being persecuted by Bluebeard, a century-year-old murderer. Puck and Sabrina come to her rescue at the library when they knock over a shelf to distract him, but she comes closer to being killed during a riot at Mr. Canis's execution. Luckily, Prince Charming comes to her rescue and they restart their relationship.