Sabrina and Daphne Grimm have been forced into various foster homes ever since their parents disappeared, leaving behind no trace except a blood red hand print. After being kicked out of all their foster homes, their case worker Ms. Smirt tells them that a woman who claims to be their grandmother has shown up and wants to take the children back to her home. Although their parents told Sabrina and Daphne that they had no living relatives, Ms. Smirt forces them to go and live with the woman. Upon arrival in the small town of Ferryport Landing, the home of their supposed grandmother, a woman named Relda Grimm welcomes the children to her home by informing them that they are descendents of the original Brothers Grimm, authors of Grimm Fairy Tales. According to Relda, all the stories that Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm wrote down are true, and the characters in them are living in Ferryport Landing. However, it is not by choice. An invisible barrier surrounds the town of Ferryport Landing and prevents all fairy tale characters, or as they like to be called, Everafters, from leaving, because if released they could wreak havoc all over the world. The only way the barrier stays up is if a descendent of the Brothers Grimm lives in Ferryport Landing. Because of the barrier, many Everafters resent the Grimm family, but a few are friends with them. While Sabrina thinks Relda is a nutcase who isn't related to them at all, Daphne is convinced that Granny Relda is telling the truth. After a surprise visit from one fairy tale character who comes from a story involving a beanstalk and a young boy named Jack, Sabrina is finally convinced that Relda was telling the truth.

In the 7 books of the Sisters Grimm series Sabrina, Daphne, Granny, and their many friends and other family members battle ferocious fairy tale villians and attempt to rescue Sabrina and Daphne's parents, who were kidnapped by a mysterious group called The Scarlet Hand, which explains the blood red handprint found when they disappear. For more information on the books, go to their main pages.